Spacers Pandora: what they do and how to use the charms?

Spacers Pandora: what they do and how to use the charms?

Pandora spacers are those small circular elements half the width of a classic charm
and with a fairly low price that generally fluctuates between 15 and 35 dollars. There are numerous versions: some of these follow the most popular fantasies of the brand, like a series of daisies or intertwining flowers, others are in the shape of hearts, galaxies or represent the well-known symbol of infinity.
Those who love shiny things can take advantage of the pavé versions:
simple circles covered with white, pink, purple, red or blue glitter. But where should the spacers be positioned? What makes them so special? Are they indispensable for the composition of a bracelet?
Let us see together to answer this and other questions.

“ Is a bracelet better with or without spacers? It depends on the tastes, but in my opinion they give that extra touch to the bracelet … ”

Pandora spacers: how to use them?

Spacers are important to create movement in the bracelet and separate the various charms and clips with which you have decided to embellish it. I often use them to highlight the most beautiful charm of the whole Pandora, positioned in the central part of the bracelet, but they can easily be placed in other parts too.

Where to place the Pandora spacers

As I said, I love to put the spacers in the middle of the bracelet: However, as long as there is symmetry they can really be placed anywhere in the composition to give it a more dynamic look.

  • Spacers in colored pavé can be placed, for example, next to Murano glass beads: they will literally make them shine.
  • If your bracelet is rigid and you want to make a simple and inexpensive composition, you can simply place a pair of colored spacers next to a charm.
    The result will be a truly chic composition!
  • Use spacers to enhance or brighten your bracelet. An important charm can be highlighted by the presence of a pair of spacers on its sides. A composition too “off”, in the same way, will be significantly revived by one or more pairs of spacers.

How many Pandora spacers can I put in the bracelet?

The answer to this question is very simple: how many you want. I advise you to buy them in pairs.
Looking at the various Pandora combinations present in the various catalogs, anyway, I found that even our favorite brand often places at least two pairs of spacers inside the bracelet.
Seems definitely an interesting thing to me, and to you?

But then these spacers? Pros, cons and tips

Small and inexpensive charms capable of giving life and personality to the bracelet.

  • Decorate the rigid or soft Pandora with a negligible cost.
  • Give brightness to the bracelet.

CONS: None


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